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  • Cuisine & Dining
  • The ancient princely state of Rajasthan gave rise to a royal cuisine. The food cooked in pure ghee (clarified butter) is famous for its mouth- watering aroma. Rajasthan's tastiest curries are based on the use of pulses or gram flour, dry fruits, spices and yogurt. Rajasthan also boast of a vast array of savories and sun-dried snacks. A favorite sweet dish called lapsi is prepared with broken wheat (dalia) sauteed in ghee and sweetened. Besides, each region is distinguished by its popular sweet - Mawa Kachori from Jodhpur, Alwar ka Mawa, Malpuas from Pushkar, Rasogullas from Bikaner, Ghevar from Jaipur to name a few.

    Dining at Amber Vatika is a delight for those who love food. Set in a royal treat, every guest at the village entertainment resort is offered food in the traditional Rajasthani style and it is ultimately too courteous. We bet that the mouth watering traditional Rajasthani dishes cooked in pure ghee are going to compel you to slurp it to the last morsel. The dining area at Amber Vatika is an ethnically designed dome shaped large space. The dining area is fully air conditioned and has large seating space for families, groups and individuals as well.

    village fair, indian village fair, village fair india, village resort, ethnic resort, ethnic resort india, resort indiaThe Indian cuisine at Amber Vatika are all prepared hygienically taking care of all the cleanliness to make the food as healthier as possible for the guests. The food is not only tasty but is also healthy and offers a balanced diet to the guests. Another striking thing about the dishes served at Amber Vatika is that they use fresh spices directly bought from the border districts where these are grown and produced. Though the dishes appear to be brilliant red in color but these are not at all spicy and those who want less spicy food can also eat these without worry.

    Besides, the most important part of the dining is the way the Rajasthani food is served. The guests are warmly welcomed to the dining area just as kings and queens were called to dine and are then presented with a typical Marwari Safa (headgear). As soon as the guest take a seat at the dining table, the variety of food starts being served by people clad in Rajasthani outfit. During the dining, these men request (Manuhaar) the guests to take more of the dishes prepared and look after that the guests eat well. Soon after the food gets over, the representatives farewell the guests from the dining area.

    Major dishes and eatables served at the dining are:

  • • Jaljeera / Rabri • Makkhan aur Ghee • Gud aur Boora • Lahsun ki Chutney
    • Fresh Seasonal Veg • Special Seasonal Veg • Ker Sangri ki Subji • Dhaniya ki Chutney
    • Gehu ki Roti • Makka ki Roti • Bejar ki Roti • Bajre ka Khichda
    • Panchameli Dal • Saada / Masala Baati • Churma • Jalebi / Malpua
    • Gatte ka Saag • Besan ki Kadhi • Saada Chawal • Salad
    • Achaar • Papad