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  • Amber Vatika is synonym of fun and entertainment, a place where one gets a new incarnation of the lighter side of life. All through there is a fair like scene at the entertainment village. From Ride and hang outs for children and the adults to a journey through the scary cave, all breathes in a new lease of life taking away all that is on your mind - out of the worldly worries.

    The hamlet entertainment Amber Vatika is the right place for a treat to the kids, young and the old as well making it an all around family fun spot in Jaipur. The rides and hang outs including horse ride, camel ride, bullock cart ride, camel cart ride, all putting up a glimpse of the rural lifestyle and means of transport. Meanwhile, the swings, slides and other games such as Shooting, Ball Game, Ring Game, Bucket Game, Bowling and myriad other games make it an ultimately joyful destination for all.

    Camel RideCamel Ride
    The most popular ride in Amber Vatika is on camel back. Take this ride to get a bird's eye view of the entire scene and experience the thrill, especially when the animal rises from the ground and settles down to let you off its back.

    Bullock Cart Ride
    Developed in ancient Indus Valley civilization, this is known to be one of first and the oldest vehicle on wheels still existing. It is still used in rural India on regular basis and forms the basic mode of transportation in remote villages.

    Tonga Ride
    The Tonga entered Indian culture in mid 18th century through the traders of East India Company. Built initially for their own luxury, it later became part of the common man's life. It is still used for joy rides in many Indian cities.

    Mehendi is special coloring applied in intricate, beautiful patterns on the hands & legs. Apart from cooling mind & the body, it symbolizes good faith and used in all religious occasions throughout India.

    Head MassageHead Massage
    Head Massager uses the technique based on the Ayurvedic system, which is an ancient Hindi system of healing. It is believed that it not only can strengthen muscles and tone skin but it has the ability to encourage the body to heal itself.

    Fortune TellerFortune Teller
    Fortune Teller or the jyotishi envisages your prospect and answers your queries. This is a traditional way of knowing about future and has been practiced in Egyptian and Roman civilizations as well.

    Rajasthani Village CultureRajasthani Village Culture
    Panghat shows ancient way of pulling out water from well whereas Tel-ri-Ghani represents the ancient way of getting oil by moving bullock round and round a central mechanical system. Garadiya Luhar shows the working of Indian Blacksmith, who never take rest till the work lasts.

    Craft Bazaar - Shilpgram
    Craft Bazaar is an attempt to bring under one roof the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, arts and crafts of the 9 most distinctive states of the country.

    Photo Studio
    Amber Vatika also has a photo studio with beautiful wall paintings and mirror work on its walls.