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  • Live Entertainment
  • Live performances are at the heart of fun and entertainment at Amber Vatika. It is here that the real Rajasthani heritage and culture is preserved and is infused with a fresh lease of life. You will find Rajasthan in its true lively form living in its most dynamic and colorful manner. At this entertainment village in Jaipur, one finds all the Rajasthani dance forms in their live form performed by real dancers.

  • Kalbeliya DanceKalbeliya Dance
    One of the most sensuous dance forms of Rajasthan, the famous Kalbeliya dance is performed at Amber Vatika in its truest form by the real Snake Charmers (Kalbeliyas). The body of the dancer sways with the rhythm of the music and is primarily a pattern similar to a snake along with mesmerizing swirls.

  • Kachhi GhodiKachhi Ghodi
    Kachhi Ghodi, one of the most famous dance forms in Rajasthan & an exemplary folk art form performed by men. The costume is typically Rajasthani with the lower half being a dummy horse (Ghodi). A vigorous dance, it uses mock fights and the brandishing of swords, nimble sidestepping and pirouetting to the music of fifes and drums. A ballad singer usually sings the exploits of the bandit Robin Hoods of Rajasthan.

  • Ghoomar DanceGhoomar
    Ghoom means swirling and this traditional community dance form is typically performed by group of women who swirl beautifully on the beats of the traditional music being played at the spot. It is the main characteristic dance of Rajasthan & is performed on auspicious occasions.

  • Chari DanceChari Dance
    Chari means a metal pot and this dance is performed by women dancers with the pots positioned one above the other on their head. This is a magic of balance and rhythm that the pots do not fall even when the dancer dances and makes some of the most typical moves even with the Chari on her head.

  • Fire DanceFire Dance
    Fire dancing is a group of performing arts or disciplines that involve manipulation of objects on fire. This is the most enchanting dance and is a play with fire. The dancer dances on the music and also keeps on twirling fire from his mouth.

  • Terah Tali DanceTerah Tali
    The women dancers have manjeeras or brass discs tied on their legs and arms and while dancing, the women play these brass discs. Meanwhile, the women dance on the music and also play the brass discs by striking those tied to the elbow to those tied to the legs and produce a rhythmic pattern akin to the music being played by the musicians.

  • Kathaputli – The Puppet ShowKathaputli – The Puppet Show
    Puppets are doll-like figures of mango wood, usually without legs and feet. The word "Katha" means story, the word "putli" means puppet. The puppeteer manipulates the strings attached to the head, waist and hands of the puppets. The main puppeteer is the sutradhar and he is accompanied by the bhagavat (narrator-singer), an assistant, and musicians for the drums, cymbals and the harmonium. A reed-like bamboo instrument that emits a shrill sound is peculiar to Kathaputli, and is a guaranteed attention- getter.